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Welcome to Glennie Bookkeeping! We’re excited to start working with you and help your business continue to grow in financial health. Offering full-service bookkeeping including bank reconciliation, daily transaction, financial reports, payroll service, consulting service, and much more! We pride ourselves in adding value to the local and small businesses of Sparks and Reno. Do you have an automotive mechanic shop? Running a new corner store? Maybe you’re even opening a restaurant. In any case, let us handle the finances for you so you can focus on the operation details of your business and provide you with accurate, up-to-date information to make your decisions with. Call today for a free initial consult and a quick quote on services. We have years of experience in the field which allow us to easily promise you the added value you’re looking for in a local bookkeeping service. Located near you in Sparks Nevada, and serving all surrounding areas, Glennie Bookkeeping has everything you’re looking for in a financial contractor. 

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Invest in your company’s continued growth. Business accounting takes meticulous recording and analysis, Glennie Bookkeeping handles the numbers for you and lets you focus on the business you opened in the first place. Our cost-effective services free up your time, energy, and even money to keep your priorities on continued growth. There are many hurdles that business accounting produces for small businesses. As a business you are expected to maintain an accurate and current record of anything that could be considered a transaction and have that information ready to report at a moment’s notice. Our bookkeeping not only handles the daily duties or recording, but also delivers you comprehensive reports on what your company’s financial health is. Visiting our page is good start, so let us answer your common questions about how our service adds value back to your business.

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What A Bookkeeper Is:

Bookkeepers and accountants, while similar, perform distinctly different tasks for any given business. In simplest terms, a bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining up-to-date and accurate ledgers of all transactions, while an accountant uses these ledgers to analyze a company’s finances and prepare tax filings. A bookkeeper’s common responsibilities consist of:

  • Compiling all transaction data on a daily basis
  • Organizing expenses in the general ledger
  • Confirming the accuracy of the general ledger
  • Matching and reconciling bank statements against the general ledger
  • Generating complete financial statements

While this is not a complete list of all services offered, it does illuminate how a bookkeeper’s duties feed into an accountant’s duties. So why use a bookkeeper if you already have an accountant? The answer is that your average CPA (accountant) does work in the tax preparing, tax advising, and tax planning, they do not perform the day-to-day bookkeeping functions that keep the books straight throughout the year.


What We Can Do As Your Bookkeeper:

We offer full bookkeeping service. Not only will we track, report, and summarize your company’s ongoing financial health, we will also reconcile bank statements reported by the financial institutions to the balance on your company’s books of accounts, ensuring that any difference is examined and rectified. Our services keep your records accountant ready for that filing time of year or for the unforeseen need such as an audit. Also offering payroll services to alleviate the needing of hiring full time staff, Glennie Bookeeping has all the services your business needs. We absolutely love working with small businesses and local business owners and even offer consulting services to help educate your continuing business decisions.


How Bookkeeping Helps Small Businesses:

Bookkeeping has very important benefits for small business. As a front runner, keeping your books accurate and up-to-date is essential should an audit come to your doorstep. While predicting an audit is never pleasant, being ready for one is a key to successful operations. This also allows you to plan ahead and make your business decisions with articulate and current state information. Our bookkeeping service minimizes your accounting costs and saves you time during tax season. Let us take the effort and time out of your bookkeeping activities so you can focus on growing your business, resting easy that your financial records are spotless.


The Added Value of a Contracted Bookkeeper:

Even with all that’s said about the services we offer, there’s still quite a bit below the surface in added value for our service. An often overlooked aspect of accurate daily accounting is the baseline analysis it lends to investors and lenders. Maybe a bank is providing you with a business loan. With our service you have a full report on the financial health of your business. Even without the third-party incentive, accurate transaction records help guide your business with accurate forecasting which allow you to know when the right time to pull the trigger is for growing your business. As a contracted service, we are much less expensive than having an in-house employee. With an in-house employee, you also have to factor in expenses and process for payroll taxes, health care, vacation, and any other company benefits. These costs can be saved, as well as the time needed to vet and train a new employee. Hiring a contracted bookkeeper reduces your overhead expense and frees up time and money for you to invest into your business.