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Glennie Bookkeeping Services

Bank Reconciliation


Bank reconciliation is simply matching the business records to the banks, ensuring any difference between the two is examined and corrected. An important function of any business is ensuring a financial institution’s bank statement matches the business books. Any discrepancy needs to be carefully examined to both prevent any further occurrences and to immediately return the business accounting record to an accurate and up-to-date report. 

Daily Transactions


As a business, you are commonly accountable for recording: Whenever you purchase something, Whenever you sell something, Whenever you settle and invoice you have previously procured with credit, and Whenever a customer settles an invoice you have granted as credit. While this may seem like a tall order, our bookkeeping service is fully prepared to produce and monitor an accurate and daily report of all such transactions.

Payroll Services


Taxes, with holdings, benefits, and cataloging all such information into your company’s financial reports takes hours of company time and may even require additional employees. Let us handle the headache for you, with full payroll service available.


Financial Reporting


Financial reports are necessary to assess a company’s financial performance. Keeping an accurate and current report is crucial in the financial success in any size business. Common report types offered are balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.


Financial consulting


Are you the type of business owner that likes to be in the know? Not only are we happy to handle all of your company’s bookkeeping needs, we are also happy to consult with you on how to perform many of these task on your own as well as optimize your operating procedure to lend itself to easy accounting. Consulting is also a cover-all for all of the assistance we can offer in analyzing your company’s financial situations, planning the actionable future, and developing your plan of growth to continue successful business operation. We offer all of this an much more, call today for a free initial consult to see how we can help your business grow!


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Cleaning existing books

Integrating current system into Quickbooks

Building industry specific financial reports


Bill pay, invoicing, and check writing

Initial Quickbooks set up